The importance of water

Happy Saturday!

Water seems like a such a easy thing to drink everyday. We assume the few glasses we do get in is enough because we drink other things like coffee, juice, soda etc. so we must be staying hydrated.

When you start actually tracking your water intake you MIGHT be surprised about how little you are actually drinking. Drinking enough water is so important for our bodily functions. You should be getting about 100oz to 120OZ of water a day.



That seems like a lot. But trust me you won't realize how much you really needed all of that water. A added bonus is that while you are drinking all this water, you'll be running to the bathroom so you won't have to deal with others BS. You know those people who talk negatively to you or try to downplay your dreams. Yeah, you won't have enough time for them.

Drinking your water has so many great benefits like:

  • Improving your skin and elasticity

  • Lubricate your joints

  • Acts as a shock absorber for the brain and spinal cord

  • Prevents premature aging

  • Regulates body temperature

When trying to get more water in try to find ways that work for you.

  • Water bottles that are 32oz or more

  • Straws to use in your water bottle

  • Fresh fruit

  • Track your water intake

SO at the end of this, find a water bottle you like. If you don't want to drink just plain water add some fresh fruit juice to it and drink up!

So cheers! and drink your water!

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