Happy New Year!

It’s the end of the year, but the beginning of a new one. We look to the new year sometimes as a complete fresh start.⁣

Instead of trying to change ALL your habits in one shot, try to change one at time. Start small and work your way up to bigger ones. ⁣

💦 Don’t drink enough a water? Try for a week just to reach a gallon or 100oz. Track your water and find ways that work for you. ⁣

🍲 Work on building into your diet Whole Foods. Cutting out sugary drinks and sodium enriched fast food. Plan your meals for the week for you and your family ahead of time. ⁣

💤 Sleep is a big part of our overall health. Don’t sleep well or have a hard time falling asleep, look at what you are doing before going to bed. Are you scrolling social media, snacking, watching endless Netflix shows? Take stock of what you are doing. Set a sleep timer on your phone to do not disturb an hour before bed. Find a book and unwind. Take a salt bath to relax. ⁣

⏰ Constantly Thinking you don’t have time? Get a planner or a calendar where you can write out every hour of your day and how you’re spending it. I guarantee you’ll be able to find space in your day for a workout or a walk. Don’t let excuses like not having enough time stop you from achieving your goals. You just need to plan better.⁣

Taking small steps to achieve your New Year goal will help you achieve better and healthier than trying to turn your entire life in a 360 in one day. ⁣

Small wins add up to big results. ⁣

So if you need help in creating habits or looking for accountability in the new year reach out! I have a group where we go over these habits, mini challenges and a supportive environment. ⁣

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