Ever felt scared of your dreams?

Have you ever felt scared?

Ever felt so nervous you didn’t want to take that first leap? You Kept hesitating on that go button? Yeah don’t worry me too. For so long I had dreams to become an independent woman, have my own career that I was so passionate about without looking back. I would help others achieve their goals of a healthy lifestyle, finding love within themselves and pushing them to be a badass. But I felt like a fraud. I felt like I didn’t have the knowledge or the background to claim I could.

I mean I lost over 60 pounds, shouldn’t that qualify me enough? In a world where everything is at the tip of your keyboard, I didn’t just want to succumb to my fear. I wanted to thrive. So here I am, creating this blog for myself and for others so it could help someone. Don’t be afraid to push go. You and only you can control your dreams. Don’t let that monster in your head get to you, beat that voice back and go and charge your dreams!

If you need a little more encouragement listen to Andy Frisellas podcast on RealAF episode 123 Becoming Undeniable. YOU need to want to get what you want, YOU need to put in the work and success will follow. Put in the grunt work, stay the course. Even if you don’t see any changes, keep going. It will come. Keep educating yourself, Keep putting in the work, keep taking one step at a time.

You are unstoppable.

Get out there and kick some ass!

Uplift and lift heavy my friends.

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