How It Got Started

In 2017 a year after having my last baby never really "losing" the baby belly, I decided I had enough. I was at my lowest point. I couldn't believe that I was 220 pounds. I was absolutely miserable. Unfortunately no one really knew that I was at my lowest. I played the card of a stay at home mom who was fine and loved being around my family. While inside I was loosing a piece of myself everyday because I was just unhappy with my body and the constant negative self talk. Late June of 2017 I had enough. I was done with the pity party, done with the "fad" diets and went out on my own. No plan no training. Just me some 3 pound weights, a Pinterest workout and treadmill I bought at a yard sale.  From there I have lost over 60 pounds, gained a hell of a lot of confidence and discipline. I evolved from my negative self talk and truly taken on a desire to make fitness and healthy living my top priority, especially for other moms who might feel like they are in the same boat. Is it easy everyday no, but it just makes me stronger.

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